My Story Right Now and Being in the Present

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I chose my blog name because that is what I wanted it to be–my story right now–not in two weeks not yesterday but here and now. So I blog about what I create, what I do to improve my life and the lives of others, and also about my philanthropic efforts. In the beginning my blog was a lifeline, a way to connect to the outside world. I was isolated in my treatment for cancer and all that followed. Caring for my family and myself was paramount, but my friends wanted to know what was happening. I found the blog a constant companion and a comfort.  Growing up I loved to write. I always found myself and my heart in writing it out. I found that I could let out my anger or fear or  joy by writing about it. I made lists of things to do and of the pros and cons of situations. I wrote everything. In high school I remember having two notebooks on my desk at all times, the one I was taking notes in for class and the one in which I was writing a myriad of stories, songs and poems. I have no idea what my teachers thought but my grades were decent.

Here I sit–I was at a crossroads–still am–I charged into a editorial contest got my writing together and sent off the first 30,000 words or whatever they wanted–I figured this was a good way to get some critique from total outsiders. Then I turned around and sent off my query letter to an agent who then wanted 50 pages and when I got that out I realized why God had been so kind as to never let me write for more than an hour at a stretch. My desk is not set up well, my chair is 25 years old, my mouse is too far away–in other words I am an ergonomic nightmare when I am at my desk! So now I have tendonitis and tennis elbow finally my new chair and keyboard drawer have arrived.

My next week is one of endings and beginnings: Clear my desk of all extraneous things. Recommit to what is truly important to me: my kids and my husband and forge ahead.

My critiques have arrived and they all said very similar things which is terrific as it allows me to focus on those things.  Yesterday and today I took a course in self publishing and online marketing and have learned a great deal. Putting a few things into motion to gain more twitter followers so that I can have a solid platform for the next step which is imminent. Just have to work on the book a bit longer.

And in the words of my father…

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