My sure fire quick way of cleaning a drawer or a room

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This is not my forte. My mother is the amazing organizer of all time and I am more like my dad. Ever see his office?

That is what my memory of my Dad’s office is…Piles of papers, magazines and books and he could find what he needed and write three books a year on average. How???? We will always wonder. Honestly this is a fairly organized photo–you can see the floor. he would always keep the floor clean in front of his door though. A way out was always kept clear. 
I often think that the researcher in him would have loved the internet to a certain extent but he would always have had to hit the ground for more accurate research. Out in the wild with Dad was a wonderful adventure and a fantastic part of my childhood.
What got me neater was the birth of a child and then another–when you are picking you for yourself it is easy to be messy when you are picking up for multiple humans you get neat really fast. Or you try to. 
what really works for me other than procrastination is using plastic tubs, bins or baskets. Not wild about the use of the plastic but they work. 
These would work too. click here
  I think I learned this trick from my brother–it was the way he cleared Dad’s office after he passed away. Boxes for letters, manuscripts, magazine articles…etc.  What I do–because it is tough for me–Is I take the baskets and I just start sorting. The makeup drawer–do eyes lips cheeks etc. The sock drawer do summer and winter, boot and dress and athletic into separate baskets and in no time at all you can see what you have…One bin should be then turned into give away and grab your trash basket for the trash. Then put things where they go don’t put the bins anywhere until they are empty!
I went through a great deal of my house this way. There are still cupboards to do and my youngest’s room is a work in progress as she is going through that change of life from young girl to almost teen.
That’s my advice for the day…Happy clearing. And please recycle and reuse and repurpose and give away what you can long before it ends up in the dump.

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