#NaNoWriMo Week Four: Writing Changes

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How can we be on week four of #NaNoWriMo already?

Is it flying by for you, too?

New president elect, one week from 11 million sick to 12 million sick, (WEAR A MASK, PEOPLE) and I have worked on 2 projects and beginning to work on the third.

I have written daily, 

but I have jumped projects–started in 1906 California/France 2020 and then to a project that is anywhere USA in a time without covid and now I have notes back from my editor.

Project number 3 in November= a rewrite of my middle grade mystery.

I can’t wait to work on it again. My editor  makes great suggestions and encourages me just enough that I believe him. This makes me very enthusiastic to jump back in. He has a wonderful way of giving a critique in a way that all you want to do is write! I don’t feel discouraged. Ok, let’s be honest I would have loved it if he had thought it ready, but I truly am excited to make the changes he suggests.

At the beginning of #NaNoWriMo I decided to try to plot or outline first.

In doing so…

I realized a few things about myself as a writer.

  • I love writing every day. I feel accomplished and the story moves!
  • I am a panster/ plotter–which means I have to WRITE first –maybe not the entire story but until I find out where it is going
  • Then I love to outline in my weird way.

My friend, Scott Verango, introduced me to plottr which is an online way of note taking, plotting etc –I am using it a bit but not to the extent I will eventually. My WIP (the second one right now) is what I started using it for. It is a middle grade or possibly chapter book. At this point the story is leading me. It has to and this will allow me to take my work with me without carrying all my notebooks. Don’t tell Scott(darn he reads this blot) I think I still need to pen and ink the outline, notes, etc then put it on the computer.

I am making our family’s Thanksgiving dinner so I am off social and the like for the next 4 days. Recipes have been handed down for generations in my family. Tomorrow(Monday) Stuffing and Chutney, Tuesday pick up Turkey and last minute items at market and get out serving pieces, Wednesday I get the turkey ready and put it in the oven late at night. It cooks long and low and reveals a terrific meal. I haven’t made a turkey in a long time but I used to make one every Christmas for 8 years in a row and then after that it was more sporadic.

Keep your fingers crossed. It will be a just family time for us. My mom and my brother are celebrating separately. Covid restrictions are difficult but next year it will be better!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful to every single one of my readers and followers.



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