natural and/or organic Beauty products continued–Coconut oil and all its wonders and deodorant review by me and a link to a kris Carr video

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This is the easy one–a one stop shop for all your really deep moisturizing needs!


Honestly I buy it in the oil section–I buy organic–I buy raw, sometimes —After being slammed into menopause overnight I became dry–I already had fairly dry skin but this is Sahara Desert Dry. So I put the jar in my shower and let the water emulsify it as I shower. Then drench myself. I use it on my face and body liberally and a jar lasts a long time… It is naturally antibacterial so nothing grows in it. I have used it on my hair–just be careful as it can make the floor of your shower or bath really really slippery.

Here is more info —uses for Coconut Oil

Simple, easy –I do wrap in a robe to let it sink in and there is only a slight coconut smell, but then I just enjoy the memory of Hawaii and get on with my day.

Deodorant ….remember my trick, you have to go cold turkey off the chemicals in order for the natural ones to work, and spend 5-7 days cleaning your arm pits with simple rubbing alcohol, though I just sprayed organic hand sanitizer there and called it a day! 
 I use Weleda rose which is on my natural products page 
Great video by Kris Carr on deodorant

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