New computer!

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spent the day with the old and new computer–waiting for everything to download. Can’t wait to be back writing –lately I have been binge reading the outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I had wanted to read these books years ago but it took the kindle app to get me going. They are 800 +- pages! I am on the third one right now and about 100 pages from the end. It has awoken my desire to be back at it with my revolutionary war book. Honestly I can’t wait and have already begun a few new notes on it and some research I needed to do. I miss living in history–in the research and in the telling and with my characters who have been so patient these last few years and allowed me to get my head cleared of all things related to breast cancer. I will have to be very determined to keep it all going as I approach the date for the GIT lunch next spring. I will not be stopping writing for any amount of time–the last week was enough! So stay tuned I will have more news as the days pass. I am winding down to the end of my rewrite and looking to send it off to someone with an opinion!

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