Okay so maybe I did too much yesterday…

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I am bushed and last night was the first night I awoke with any stomach stuff-nothing too bad but it did feel a bit precarious at times.–I think I will try out some of my meds for that—Really I haven’t needed them but I used a lot of energy yesterday and in the middle of the night I was too exhausted to get out of bed and find the right one. I came through just fine–today I can feel my skin going back to normal–it was very rough the last few days and now it is softening up again. I have the mouth wash to use and that is good. Today I am going to read a book and just try to relax while the girls are at school. Probably pay the bills that are awaiting my attention.

My cousins sent me magazines from England and I have been enjoying learning about the area they live in.. It  is really beautiful and there is a lot going on to preserve its nature. I want to take a walking trip there. Ok something to plan for that demands I actually get up and go. I miss exercising but I know I must go back slowly. I did feel better yesterday than the day before so I will head into this next week discovering what I am capable of so I can make use of the good energy before the 10th when it all starts again.

Being a SOM person means I spend a part of my prayer time imaging myself whole and strong. I also work on seeing everything flowing through me as it should–all systems go and strong blood and bones and resolve.
Sitting right here at my computer I feel fine–so that is good. On with the day…make a lunch for S and a snack for K and go back to bed when they go to school and read a book! Lucky me!

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