okay so yesterday I had a wimpy day

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no I did not eat hamburgers! I had my port put in by really nice people but it still hurt a bit and driving home an hour was not the best thing—So I felt sorry for myself and I find it hard to brush my hair…mostly because I am dabbling in the FUTURE and worried that it MIGHT hurt…silly me haven’t I learned anything from myself and my husband/ I need to stay in the here and now ONLY. in the here and now.
So I will go put on the tv and brush my hair slowly –then take a shower and head off to the bone scan and the eco cardio gram. After that no more poking and prodding until Thursday.

I awoke this morning grateful—no longer wimpy–and I remembered this card a friend gave me when I was in the hospital when I was 5. It was a huge card that unfolded with a rhyme that began —When the doctors poke and prod you and they fill you full of pills…and it ended with “hang this out your window and loudly holler HELP”at that point the card was 5 feet long with HELP written in large red letters.
 My thoughts were on god then and asking for help for the temporary discomfort in my arm. Along with two tylenol and now I can type and brush my hair.
The man who gave me the card was Rod Redwing an indian stuntman my family knew well –a really nice guy and on the outside of the envelope he drew an excellent cartoon of an Indian dancing and sending up smoke signals–I still have it.
Hope you all have a good day!

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  1. julieoconnor1
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    Hugs to you Angelique…thank you for posting because I'm thinking about you all day.
    XOX Julie

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