One Easy Step to Fix Your Novel’s Problems

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Change Your Book Venue

I know I know! What the heck does she mean “Change your book venue?”


I am not talking about where you write. Though shaking that up a bit can help too.

I am talking about changing the actual way you keep information.

Not just the chapters you have written but your notes on character, your outlines, your flashes of brilliance.

Writers have various techniques. I am a huge fan of white boards (though I dream of a wall all to myself one day) and flash cards while others use various online apps etc.

Bestselling author, Scott Varengo, suggested trying out Plottr. I dabbled in it for a couple of months figuring I would use it for my next book.

That sneaky app!

I sent my book off to my editor and hoped he would say, “Terrific time to send it out!” But no, there were a few more notes.

I read and reread his letter.

I procrastinated not knowing how to even begin. So many plates were demanding I spin them simultaneously.

I wrote out my chapter notecards with his suggestions and changes. The notecards include the main action in each chapter.

Then I turned to the brilliance that is plottr.

As I began to explore it I found a terrific template that worked with my middle grade mystery.

As I began to tap things in magic began to occur. Those flashes of brilliance I mentioned above? They came in by the boatload!

Things I had no idea how to fix began to fix themselves. I put in the notes from my cards and had idea after idea of how to improve this or add to that or fix this.


Ideas began percolating with the mere act of inputting information into the template.

I love finding a new writing tip and passing it along. Maybe what helps me will help you, too.

My suggestion to you…

Try changing where you keep the information, the lists of changes or the outline of your novel. Try something new. It doesn’t have to be plottr. In fact if you already use it, try notecards. There are other templates, apps and websites to explore I just happen to have this suggested to me.

If you try plottr I get nothing in return(I am not a rep though if they want to ask me…) but you may just find your book begins to write itself.

Let me know what works for you by commenting on my instagram about this post!

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