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If you could ask one question of me—what would it be? Really submit a comment and I might write about it….I will consider it as right now with Christmas on the horizon I am not really feeling the blogging vibe.

So what would I change—I would get my old feet back. Really It would be nice to never have to worry about health again but that is a daily thing for me–not the worry but the maintenance. I juice, take supplements–like 40 a day when I am on it and I exercise. I still need to add daily meditation but I grab it where I can.

I think cooking meditation like walking meditation may be my new thing. There is something methodical about it. I also feel meditative when I knit.. working on a hat right now. I personally love knitting projects that go quickly.

 I want to start yoga again and maybe that will help the feet. The feet—I am in boots with orthotics or tennis shoes with orthotics all the time. I dream about high heels and when I dare to wear them I have to be tender to my feet for days afterwards. With my event coming up in March I am on the hunt for shoes. Why can’t anyone make shoes that don’t hurt and look cute–or fancy? I don’t know why the feet started…maybe because I didn’t have enough support in my shoes for a bit. I was living in my uggs while I was going through treatment…Now I put my orthotics in them!

I just became a tap shoe snob–I had started tapping back in June in rather simple entry level shoes. Then I learned a lot about tap shoes and the choices there are. So I bought a heavier pair so I don’t have to slam my foot into the floor so hard and can tap to my hearts content…love these shoes. They are by Bloch.. they are padded! I am going to put my pink laces in them—

I saw a new podiatrist who is going to send my shoes to the lab so they make insoles that will fit in my heels–with arch support and extra padding in the ball of the foot. I am so excited I can’t believe it.

shoes I want to try but haven’t yet…

a comfy(hopefully) spring/summer heel click thru to see them–anthropologie doesn’t let me use the pics!
chie Mihara blog 

There are so many i love it’s hard to choose…

Another shoe company I just found is Marchez Vous

isn’t this gorgeous? I had tried on maybe 50 pairs from other companies before I found anything that felt even moderately good–got these on a sale/deal and they are the ones going to the lab to be adjusted.

My standby boots that always fit with my orthotic are ugg,

got these last summer in brown…

a favorite pair for winter  by born–toasty and cushy insole

and old gringo

always dreaming of my next pair.
a source for aching feet

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