Published! Okay not my book but my essay! Two, To One, Be and Save Undershaw

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I got my copy of this book today–I wrote the essay a long time ago. The project is rather incredible. A bunch of people around the world join forces to save Undershaw, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s home in the Sussex Downs. He built the house to his design and hosted many of the most famous and fabulous writers of his age there. He wrote many books in the study and due to all the efforts made a school has purchased the house to restore and use for their older students. They have a younger program but also are expanding into an upper level school and needed room. The essays and art work were sent from around the world. Sometimes essays arrived in other languages and then the folks in charge would put the word out asking for translators from the supporters. So anything in the book not written in English originally was translated by someone who cared enough to do it for free to save Undershaw.
I am proud to be included and I felt very strongly that just because you write popular fiction doesn’t mean it isn’t classic. Who decides what gets called literature anyway?

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