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So after two days feeling like I went with the Marines I am getting up and out. I have a mass to attend and two quick doctor visits…a fill of the expanders and a blood test.
I realize I was a bit too fascinated with what would happen or might happen–so Now I will go on in spite of how I feel and see if I can make it to 7:30 without falling asleep. I just pass out then…So I am a bit achey but let’s move on. My throat is weird but let’s move on. I will take a shower and wash my hair and CP will drive me into my appointments.

I will accept and move past. I spent time doing a Science of Mind treatment on every part of my body and if I have to do that several times today to keep feeling good I will. As there is only complete wholeness and perfect function in my body and mind. But I really can’t just sit around on my behind and not attempt what is my life…I promise I will rest and not overdo. Tomorrow is S’s soccer party and I want to go. She doesn’t mind if I wear a mask. Cool.

I am glad I have a week to plan my next Creative Writing class. I am going to make lunches for the girls and get going with the day.

And a big Thank you to everyone plus the Marines as our first campaign was a success.

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  1. Tom Bailey
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    It sounds like you are realy focused on getting your life orginized and in order. Blogs like this help and knowing there are people that follow your blog helps even more. That is why I started my blog.

    Something you said earlier that stood out that I know about. The body mind connection is very interesting to me.

    "Every morning I wake up and read 365 by Ernest Holmes. I am also reading Love Medicine and Miracles and a book by Simonton–which out lines his center's path for healing. He has a center in Santa monica and he does 5 day retreats."

    His retreats are GREAT!

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