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Sunday is the good day—the first truly good day after my chemo—I want to thank all my friends from Facebook who have shown up. You truly are magical sisters and brothers –your encouragement means so much to me. I really needed it this round which is why I waited to say anything. See, I knew the time would become obvious to me when I needed another lift of the spirits. Thank you thank you thank you.
Each of you has come from very special parts of my life. I don’t friend without thinking about who I want on the inside and who I wish was still in my daily life…you are all special to me.

Thank you to all of you who have helped with supporting the Revlon walk that means a lot too. This afternoon I will get out of bed and walk a block or two to move all the chemo through me. By Sunday I will be walking my neighborhood and by Tuesday I will be working out at my regular pace–unless interrupted by our two daughters!
It is important to get up and get out and the looming date of May 8th is helping me do that. It pushes me forward.

Thank you to all of you who have sent me a note of encouragement since you read my blog or my fb entry. I must have written that 10 times before I was ready to hit share…now is the time.
After March 8th I will have one more week like this and then plans to make for my final surgery and summer vacation and continuing herceptin which is one of the drugs that was helped in development by the Revlon walk money. I can’t wait to be up and moving forward without this Week off crap every 21 days. I will have to continue the herceptin until the end of November or beginning of december of this year. Tamoxifin has been discussed and different options for final reconstruction.

I read part of a book written by a woman who is an oncology nurse as well as a breast cancer survivor–her advice was good–she said stop thinking about how tired you are of being poked and prodded and think about how you want to look a year from now. I think it is good advice and I will hold onto it.

Thanks to each and every one of you for you are truly helping me through.

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