Summer School for Me

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July 1st I begin summer school for me.

If you follow me on instagram or facebook you may know I went back to college a few years ago. I am making my way through the classes I need to fulfill my requirements and graduate with my BA. I went to Pitzer fresh out of high school and managed to take the majority of my classes at the higher level right away. It was a good thing at the time. I had taken several AP classes and I was ready to do the work.

The upside is that the classes I need to graduate with my BA are mostly lower level classes. As a reentry into the hallowed halls of learning, even if those halls are in my house and on my computer, this is a good thing. I am easing my way into writing papers again and making sure I know how to write college level, research driven, bibliography and foot note filled papers. This commitment I made to myself demands summer school for me, at least this year.

I picked this class for summer because I need to take it and because it has no final. It has papers and discussions all the way through. I know at some point during this class I will be hiking 5 flights of stairs(with switchbacks so really 10 flights) over and over to help our oldest move. Unless she does it without me…

Do first apartments in nyc always have stairs?

Hoping for a doorman, an elevator or at least not the 5th floor with this next apartment. I helped a friend move in NYC when I was 23 and swore I wouldn’t do it again…I plan on hiring help for the bed and boxes.

Sometimes mom’s help is in the form of a wallet and wisdom.

Last summer I hired the sweetest guy off of task rabbit.

Best 35 dollars ever spent as he met me at the apartment door and carried 6 suitcases up like they were nothing. Our daughter met him at the apartment door and neither of us had to haul that load up—if you are wondering why 6? Linens, Towels, Clothes, Shoes, toiletries, kitchen stuff. I went home with 5 suitcases- 4 empty ones and one had my stuff tucked inside one of the bigger ones.

So for the next two weeks I am trying to get things ready around the house, do some socializing and write. Once July 1 hits I will have to reorganize my time. The first week is always difficult, but once I figure out how much time I need I will be able to get moving and hopefully get ahead.

Happy Summer! Happy 4th!

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