Thanksgiving Gratitude

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Thanksgiving Gratitude

I have written about gratitude before.

I have written about how it can be for a simple thing like lip balm clear up to gratitude for health and wellbeing. Beginning your day with gratitude is a guarantee of a better attitude all day long. I have been grateful for my life, my family, dr haushka lip balm among other things but this year I am grateful for all the hard work of the men and women who saved our neighborhood. It was a combination of hard work, excellent pilots, some help with the wind and terrain, amazing and tireless first responders and fate.

It could have been different. If the fire had followed the historical path it would have been different.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

I know this month is about writing but from November 8-16 all I did was surf the web and look for news…about our house, our friends, our kids’ schools. It was as if I was in a state of shock but I was active and not frozen. We got out with things that mattered, our kid and our dog. That was what mattered. Our friends escaped too, with lives, kids, animals and valuables. There were hours, days when we didn’t know if houses stood, and times when we discovered that some didn’t.

It is just stuff.

Until it is yours and then it is still just stuff as long as all the beating hearts you care about make it out.

Finally I have had two good night’s sleep and I am ready to find ways to help.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

If you want to help look to known groups, The Red Cross, Ventura animal shelter, Agoura animal shelter, a vet in malibu is looking for foster families for the pets of  people who lost everything. Research because I have already been approached on my cell by a group I am certain is a fake.

Back to gratitude and Thanksgiving, I am grateful and in a state of Thanksgiving  and I plan to live my life that way.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

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