The day that is Christmas

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Looking back over my life I see I have been truly blessed—I do. This year it is ever evident in that my health is okay after that brief scare. I will do what is necessary to keep my health and to encourage health in my family.  In the last few days I have made some gifts, bought some gifts and cooked for my family and friends. I have made Christmas cupcakes gluten free and organic for our Christmas eve dinner. I have made blueberry muffins and granola, organic and gluten free for our Christmas breakfast and I have tried out a new recipe or two for dinner.The cards are in their envelops though not sent, the tree is decorated and the stocking are hung. This is the year we all know the truth about Santa. So an era is ending but another is beginning. And I think—Santa is real—he gets around the entire world every Christmas eve with help from the parents who make it happen for their kids. My youngest, after coming to the realization that the tooth fairy was a myth asked about everyone else. This was last summer and we had a long talk about lying. Which I countered with , “did it make you happy?” Now we choose stocking stuffers together and we continue the myth that is Santa.

I am grateful to everyone who has become a part of my life. Every one of you is important in your own way. I am still working on my book…first draft almost done then I will hand it bravely off to a trusted advisor or two and go to work on the next so I don’t obsess on what notes they will have.

The event is moving along.  Hiring pr people is the next step.Things will take off after the first. Can’t believe it is almost upon us. I have several exciting fun events this year –celebrating the big %)  with people I love near and far.
Happy and Merry–

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