The Pathology and a Plan

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There isn’t a woman alive who has thought about breast cancer who has not imagined what she would do—I had a choice and I had them take both—I don’t want to worry the rest of my life—I imagined this would be my decision before I think as it came so easy and without regret to me at this point. I also know I will do what the doctors suggest regarding after treatment—I will fight like hell right here and now as I believe God has sent these folks to me…like the old joke the rowboat, the sheriff and the helicopter. I have Dr S(breast surgeon) Dr. Sl(the reconstruction surgeon) and Dr. M. (the oncologist)  I will do what is in front of me to do. I will follow the god path that has been laid before me and I will have a long and happy life with a wonderful loving family.
Now  that I have accepted that this is my life right here and now—never IMAGINED I would get BC—so now we stand and fight the good fight and change everything left to change—Here I sit on Oct 29th wanting the sugar out of my life! Okay so we can have a holiday or two but I need the girls to support me in this…How do I do that?
Find a way—there  is one—I refuse to be scared—I will ask God to take my fear and remember that when it appears He  is there for me.  I will not think scary thoughts.
End result of surgery—-in duct and out of duct –invasive to 2 cm. No lymph node involvement –none in the right breast at all. Good margins around the invasive—skinny margin around the ductal but no one is worried about that. I am strong standing tall and look skinny like I was at 12
I will do chemo, herceptin and tamoxifin and move on—

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