The first full week of school is over!

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This year has brought some changes in our lives. (it does say my story right now…can’t all be cancer and early detection!)
Our oldest is driving. Our youngest is doing online school. Which means the only person I have to drive early in the morning is ME! It is different after years of driving school and practices and lessons and all. I am grateful to be able to do this. Our youngest is a self-starter so I only have to wake her up and she does the rest on her own. I check in from time to time to see her progress both by asking and by the parent portal. So after being on jury duty this week and getting everyone squared away I think next week I will get back to writing my book. FInally–summer always means less time for writing. But I love summer, the long days, the weather, traveling with the kids and all that. I am always sad at the beginning of school as I miss them.

When you have a child you can’t believe they will need you any more than they do in those first few years of life and the truth is they will need you forever. The job gets bigger in someways though the physical demands become less…I am certainly not carrying anyone around anymore!

Now at the end of Labor Day weekend–how fast did this year go? I am pondering how I will spend my new found time. I am looking forward to working on my rewrite and beginning all over again to research my novel.

When I got sick I was working on two novels. One a contemporary, middle grade-ish fiction and the other a young adult historical novel set in the days of the Revolutionary war. That is all I will say on the  subject of what they are. But I couldn’t continue when I was dealing with so much heavy stuff–it was all I could do to keep our lives running merrily along. Now I find myself hungry to work on the historical again and wishing I could concentrate on just that, but I am a mom and duty calls.

I hava plan for October, Breast Health Awareness month —I will let you in on the plan October 1. Suffice it to say is should be easier than last October’s event which included me wearing pink every day for the full month. While I will be doing that I won’t necessarily be subjecting you to a daily insight into what I am wearing.

Happy Labor Day–Happy Fall, All!
P.S. I just couldn’t go without saying…if you need a refresher or you have never been taught The Daisy Wheel App from the itunes store is a great way to learn…Click here for more information

 I couldn’t resist one photo…how often do you get to have a photo taken with an amazingly simple straightforward tool for educating people in how to do breast self exam, several of your dearest friends, brilliant doctors and, of course, Rob Lowe. I will forever be grateful to each and every one of them for saying yes.

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