the hardest part about day 5

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is remembering that I won’t always feel this way. I will not be exhausted by  a trip to the corner and that the idea of the energy required by a trip to the market will not equal that of a trip to Disneyland with 5 year old triplets. I know I will feel energetic again but right now this is —okay so today demands everything of my positive attitude–I did not ache this time like last but I am tired, tuckered, exhausted. And I do need a trip to the market. I will do that in about 10 minutes with a stash of chocolate to help—I know i need to lose the sugar but sometimes a bit of chocolate can be just the thing to get through the market.

Tomorrow there are two soccer games–35 minutes away…How do I do that too? WEll, CP will do the first and I may do the 2nd. At the moment I can’t imagine it but we’ll see. They may play sunday too. Don’t want to mention that to anyone right now…

We have this amazing group who are helping and an amazing friend, S, who has become the best buddy I could imagine–really I can ask and she says yes–what a wonderful friend to have–I will always be grateful to her.

I have readers who are traveling all over the world as they read this. There will come a day when I will do that again–right now—I will pray about it. I hope they come back with good stories as that is always fun –to hear about other places and other people.

Tomorrow will be better–
My grey hair is still growing…Weird—

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