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A few days ago I decided to stop being angry. I am not really an angry person but I had dissolved into an angry person wondering why no one was doing what I wanted them to do at the time it needed to be done and then I had an epiphany. I wasn’t leading by example. So, without telling anyone, I just started to do things when asked. Right when asked or as soon as humanly possible. I mean, if I was in the shower or on a business call I would finish and then do it. I just started doing things this way and I didn’t comment.

It was interesting what happened next. Two things-First off-no one noticed. But that wasn’t why I did it. I wanted to see if I could lead by example. The second thing that happened is the more important one. I stopped being angry. Instead of continuing to resent and be frustrated by my family’s inability to act when I told them they needed to that frustration has vanished. It is weird. I actually am wondering where it went. And I can’t drum it up either. Occasionally people are doing what I asked when I asked but it doesn’t even matter. I am calmer than any meditation makes me.I also don’t have anyone asking me when I am going to do something and interrupting me every five minutes for dinner or anything else. Hopefully it will transfer into them doing things on time and when I ask but it’s okay if it takes awhile. I have already felt the fruits of this experiment, my kids are saying thank you more often and telling me they love me without me saying it first. I am trying to back off of the high school senior while supporting the 8th grader at the same time.  I wanted to set an example…of how to not frustrate those you live with! I think it is working…
I am still letting people in when I drive. I am giving up parking spots and I am holding doors(I always have held doors). It is the Christmas season and I am learning to live the Christmas spirit.
 Happy Holidays!

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