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Okay today I will vent—here is the list of what I deal with –some every day –some only certain times of the 21 day cycle–
runny nose all day every day
painful raw tongue–several days
raw throat–several days
raw digestive tract-comes and goes
can’t taste certain things and others set me on fire–some days
can’t taste sourdough bread–since the beginning
exhaustion beyond anything I’ve known(the first 4 days after chemo)
nose bleeds(minor but daily)
no hair–really don’t mind this so much–less mantanance
not being able to brush my teeth with toothpaste some of the time(it burns)
hot flashes, cold flashes,

people looking concerned and sad when they look at me and saying in a soft voice–you feel terrible right?

things I have to do to maintain feeling good–aside from being with my family which is number one

take anti nausea stuff, coumadin, valtrex,regular allergy meds, claritin, probiotics, glutamine, vitamins, broccoli caps, pepcid
wash my mouth 4 times a day /everyday with baking soda and salt
wash my mouth with mmx for about ten days 3 times a day(mylanta, nystatin and lidocaine and really tastes vile)
irrigate my nose with saline everyday
 exercise as I can –this is walking the elliptical and yoga and pilates–(the last two modified for my currant state)
chew gum(helps with the heartburn)

There is no reason to complain—it is what it is–but that is the list

Along with this list–I do the marketing arrange and cook meals, go to soccer, teach my two classes for school, drive, doctor, play with my kids, my dog, date my husband, organize, clean, arrange, and all that wife and mother stuff, doctor appts for me and the kids, chemo , hydration, school functions, etc etc
It is a busy life.

CP says– We are in the tunnel–and there is light at the end–I can see it…

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