The Marines

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Many years ago I had the unique pleasure of meeting the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Charles Krulak. He and his lovely wife have become and remained really close friends with my family. When he heard that I was using the Marines as my visual for Chemotherapy he emailed me a number of times with encouragement. His emails helped me to perfect my visualization of my treatment. I came up with plans for the men and women who would be fighting this enemy with me. He told me that The Marines will always hunt out and find enemies that are hidden. They will lie in wait. They are thorough. They never give up.

I have been visualizing these amazing Marines for a few months now. Then yesterday I received  a letter from Commandant Charles Krulak USMC Retired and in the envelope was a coin that was struck in honor of him and his command of the USMC. I will carry this with me always. I held it for my blood test yesterday. Okay it was just a needle in the finger but that hurts worse than the arm! I am honored to count him among my friends and honored to be given this gift to be my touchstone.

Thanks Chuck.

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