The more it changes the more it stays the same

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So I’ve been cleaning and writing like a fiend. I have also been working on the story of our trip to Ireland. It’s not done. What is going on right now is a certain amount of angst and I find myself right back in the situation of not getting ahead of myself.
 You see, I don’t have cancer. But I also have been in menopause since my first chemo. So the rise and fall of estrogen has been something that has been missing from my life until now. I had a surge and some odd little female things so I had the proceedure right before we left for ireland. so we had to  find out if the levels have dropped. It may be they were high due to what was goin on in my body. It is true that tamoxifen should have kept them low. What’s low? Well last November the count was something like 14 and before my event in June it was 400 something. So I got the report the levels are falling and according to my oncologist nothing to worry about.
Tamoxifen doesn’t lower your estrogen just the chance that it will bind to something and make some cancer.
TMI–I really don’t want to know. See the next post for how I really feel.

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