The New Foodie I’ve become

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By now you may have read my blog enough to know about my past with food–my mother is a great entertainer, making all the food served for events at her home for any number from 4-70 people at a time. I love to cook but had been doing less of it in recent years. I dated a chef from a foodie family and at the same time was catering cheesecakes to  La Cage (nightclub with female impersonators and Paccioco’s, Italian restaurant, in Los Angeles. While I never wanted to be a chef a good part of my life has been spent cooking. During my chemo days I would watch cooking shows and then try out new things. Most of my nights during the school year involved the desire for quick meals on the table and me to bed.  Then I met Nalini Chilkov. Her site.  Nalini is my Doctor of Oriental Medicine and my acupuncturist. Acupuncture is wonderfully affective for me. Nalini gave me a choice…try out her suggestions for 3 months and if I didn’t see a change then I could do whatever I wanted. I wanted a change. My digestive system was a mess after chemo and all those antibiotics and surgeries. It was time for a new start. I went  essentially paleo though I don’t like that term. Really I cut out all grains, breads, carbs, and fruit except for an apple or berries a day. I started with all these supplements and added more. And I felt better. in the beginning I was strict then every once in a while I would have a piece of bread. Then I went gluten free. It seemed a good way to limit my bread/ grain intake. Now I am sure that Nalini’s thoughts about my diet don’t really include tea at the Peninsula in Beverly Hills as an option but there is a gluten free tea. Can you tell the difference from the pictures below?

Yes the top one is gluten free. Honestly it was great!

I started looking for cookbooks and recipes and websites for other treats as we went through the holiday season. Above is granola from All her recipes are on that page and everything I have made is great and quick. The granola  was really yummy!

Christmas cupcakes from Pamela’s mixAll her mixes are at this link.–the vanilla turned out drier than I like so I am going to work on it and see if I can make it better. My youngest can’t have chocolate.

This is a lime pie made with Bearss limes from my girlfriend’s backyard. Those are a California lime with  a yellow outside and green inside. They are delicious and special. The recipe I found online from paleo spirit .It uses coconut cream and avocados. I made a crust from gluten free graham crackers(shades of my cheesecake recipe). It was yummy but I was the only one in my house willing to eat it. Honestly it was great and you don’t taste the avocados!
Tonight I made spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs from along with a tabbouleh from Well Fed 2, a paleo cookbook. The website is here for more info. They outline a simple way to start paleo if you are interested.  My lunch was from food babe again and was a kale salad with a lemon dressing though I used my bearss limes again. 
I am trying to cook when I have time so I have left overs for tomorrow. Enjoy and eat well!

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