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First a bypass into workout clothes–honestly I am really relaxed in this category…I have been wearing much the same stuff for the last three years. This may be the hardest category for me not to buy new. I have been getting fitter and losing what was left of the chemo weight. So some of my workout stuff is big–luckily some of it also has drawstring waists so I just cinch them tighter. I am a fan of certain brands but mostly I have things from one company who’s ex owner and I have differing opinions about cancer and life. I will not name it but you probably know what I am talking about. I know I can do three months but after that I may have to buy, at the very least, some pants!  Maybe not–the more I think about this the more excited I am.

Prior to making my plan I bought my running shoes for the next six- eight months–I found a pair I liked and bought three pairs. I don’t usually do that but honestly, companies keep discontinuing the shoes I like and I just got sick of it!

So I think I bought a dress for our event. I bought it from Bloomingdales, it is a great basic and will show off our pink ribbons quite nicely. I bought shoes as well on sale from Banana for 40% off. Then I drifted but only slightly. Last year when I was shopping to make sure I didn’t show up everywhere looking like a wife/mom/writer in my standard jeans, boots, shirts combo I bought a dress and jacket in this gorgeous green slightly to a teal but I have had no shoes. I could always have worn it with black but it didn’t seem right. Again off to Banana Republic and bought, again 40% off beige almost nude suede heels. Both shoes cost about the price of one good pair. A total of 160. I still think most of the prices of shoes these days are ridiculous but you do get what you pay for too. So I bargain hunt. Now I have that done. I will continue to browse the dresses for the event but not with the same worry just with the joy in knowing that if I decide to buy something else I can return this one.  I had to come clean.

Here we are heading into that time of year. Expect many posts and pictures regarding my support of early detection.
Get your mammograms, ultrasounds, MRI’s and do your self exam!

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