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so next week I start Chemo and herceptin–have to get a port in on monday. I should be finished in early march. I should have some hair by summer. I had my first fill yesterday–on the way back to the breasts I used to have…I am counting on my friends and family to keep me going—I am strong and positive but it is still nice to hear other peoples words of strength.

I love my doctors.
I have caused at least 6 friends to go have mammograms.
I feel really good today. I must take my car for its check up and work on my class work for tomorrow’s creative writing class–I hope I have something fun to do.

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    It is really interesting if you read stories of parents of kids with diificulftes …whether chronically ill, disabled or acute things like cancer … MANY times you will read the diagnosis came from the mom insisting that something was wrong … gut instinct! The friends I know who have the most complicated lives, are those who either A) over analyse their choices or B) take advice from too many sources. When I have friends who are having babies, I love to tell them that no matter what advice anyone gives them (including me) ALWAYS listen to ‘mamma’s gut’ above all.

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