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I woke up at 4 and tried to stay in bed–made it to 5—my stomach is unhappy–either dinner last night or the steroids. No matter as today they will give me loads for a nervous or upset stomach. I had my hair colored on Tuesday. I am glad–I feel better even if it will all be gone soon. I had a good class yesterday. I could see almost all the kids and aside from some minor audio problems it was great. The audio will be fixed by next class I think. The teachers at school are on it. The kids did well with very few side conversations and no talking over each other…hope that lasts!

WE take the girls to school and then head to the oncology center—my appt is at 10 and I will be there all day. I packed a bag for the chemo time…I will have my laptop, my kindle, my knitting, my thank you notes and my hard candy—and trash bags in case I toss my cookies on the ride. The candy is because chemo can make your mouth taste bad. We’ll see.

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