today was a big day

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I am back home curled up in my blanket with my laptop on, my lap! Went to mass –went to dr. S; went to dr. Mc; went to lunch; went to pick up the girls and came home. Finally using a rinse for my throat for the beginnings of a side effect. Stuff really works until you have chocolate! Or maybe just anything right now. But I am still feeling pretty good about everything.

Today I got some scarves in the mail and CP said to me, “Don’t be afraid to be bald.” I thought, how lucky I am to have a husband who will embrace all of me–with or without hair. I wonder how I will feel about it. I would like to say I will be brave and just run about bald with great makeup and earrings. I honestly don’t know–I am comfortable with myself but I do color my hair so maybe it is my one vanity–I may run around just fine with no makeup but with no hair how will I feel? It seems false to go around with the wig and the hat etc but also it may be cold. I was born with a full head of hair so my scalp has never known the breeze.

I got one sleep turban–look like I stepped out  of the 1940’s and not necessarily in a good way. I think I need to knit myself some hats to sleep in…I have some really soft yarn. So that will be my next project. Especially since CP said he really didn’t like the sleep turban…and he usually keeps mum about things unless they are really over the top.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. sitting with my family and having good food will be nice. I am learning about my new pace. The new way in which I work my life.

My blood counts were good today! I woke up this morning and visualized the blood pumping and being strong and all that. Thanks God.

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