What happens When You Write? A #NaNoWriMo question

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what happens when you write #nanowrimo

What happens when you write?


What really happens for you psychologically, emotionally, spiritually when you write?

This may seem an odd question, but I find that the days I work on my book are days that feel easier. I am more comfortable in my own skin and less anxious. My self-esteem rises and I like that I am committing myself to my purpose. I feel proud.

All of that comes from the act of sitting down and continuing on with my story.

nanowrimo write anywhere

#NaNoWriMo is an awesome time to set your intentions on your book. It is the last blast before the holiday season where we all get off track with our writing, our sleep, our emotions!

The big question then is: Why don’t I do it every day without fail if it makes me feel so good?

Probably for the same reason I don’t do yoga every day; life gets in the way.

find your writing joy

So, I recommit myself to my writing and move forward. While we are at it, let’s change the words–instead of “work” I used “writing” but we should also use, “joy” or “passion” or any other word with no negative connotation. We need to encourage ourselves as well as each other. Find your writing joy this #NaNoWriMo.

Take a moment today to sketch out a writing plan for November. You have three days left of #preptober!

You don’t have to participate in NaNoWriMo officially but use the energy pouring out of writers everywhere to encourage your daily writing too.

Don’t worry about word counts or page counts unless you want to. Instead make sure you sit down every day for at least ten minutes. Set a timer because I’ll bet when you begin you will keep going!

FYI I came up with a new scene for my book while having heat on my back at the end of PT! I wrote it by voice on my phone so you really can do it every day. 

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