Write Your Way Back In: Organization Tips

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write your way back in



I am learning how to write my way back in to my book after years away.

I gave 5 really good tips how to do that see this post.  I find myself closing in on the first read through of what I have thus far and I need to do more. It is summer and our schedule is not bound by school. This means that things are very nebulous and I need to make a plan like I am back in school. I have so many irons in the fire I have to prioritize so for the next few weeks I am going to spend one day a week on each thing that isn’t writing.  One day to blog. Another to deal with affiliate things. A day for guest posts and pr. All along the way I will be researching.

My best advice: Don’t ever leave a historical fiction book in the middle if you can help it!

There were so many things in my head that are no longer there that much of my plan is back to square one. I just want to write!

As luck would have it I actually have tons of research stuck in many different notebooks. So the next two weeks will be devoted to organizing it into some form that is usable.



A glimpse at what we are talking about and Some things to organize research:

Notecards in a file–This pic I took so I can remember my index headings


I bought this box and card file on Levenger a number of years ago–The no longer make it–they make something similar here but no tabbed dividers! I will be continuing to use this–they do make their vertical note cards here but you could use any of them. The other thing I use for organizing my thoughts–I do like the tangible–is their note card  bleachers











Notebooks, spiral, three ring, etc are all used by me in different ways. My brother likes the moleskin notebooks of varying sizes. Moleskin notebooks

I am not a fan of them exactly–I like them when I need to take a note book to a meeting as they are sleek but I like dividers so I can find what I need quickly. I could divide them with post its and will probably try that now that I have thought of it. But for meetings not everyday. Now I need to organize all the different notes into some cohesive format.

Write Your Way Back In
3 of the 6 notebooks I have discovered so far!

I hear great things about Scrivener

I plan on exploring it this summer. It is only $45.00 and seems like a great tool for organizing research. There also is a course to help you get up and running quickly but it is more than the software!

My desk is in the kitchen, the hub of the house, and my younger daughter is an incredible baker. OMG I really have to use my will power to stay on task. One end of the kitchen cabinets is covered with the picture below as well as historical timelines.

Inspiration in the form of The Rose from Master and Commander which I visited on an early morning trip to San Diego some years ago















   To get my mind back in the game I am making a pile of what i have to go through.

I might finish my first draft before I finish re-researching and organizing!

Every time I come across something it is like buried treasure but I am lost as to how to organize it all. I will post some pics along the way. Hang in there for yourself and for me!

Let’s get writing, shall we?

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