Writing On The Road

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For those of you who receive my newsletter this may seem familiar. And for those you who don’t…come join us! I wrote this in my newsletter and felt that it was a good topic that many of us struggle with. I don’t often repeat myself but this post deserved it!

Writing on the Road

I am traveling quite a bit these days.


Writing on the road is a case in patience…with myself and others. I don’t get to write much when I travel. Maybe if I had another me, you know one person to do all the mom things and one to write?


Here is my list for this trip:


  • I pack my tools. Computer, notebook, index cards pens, charger
  • Plan on writing short things instead of long things.
  • The short things are: my newsletter, a few blog posts to get ahead.
  • Take pictures so I have photos for my blog posts and social media
  • Hammer out a rough draft on a paper I must write on Boneshaker by Cherie Priest for my college class.


This trip was 7 days. 5 days of non- travel. Here is what I have accomplished, to put it into perspective. I have written this newsletter, an oral argument for college, come up with my thesis statement for my paper, written a very rough draft of the paper,  written a couple of blog posts and had two business meetings.


This is not as much as I would have hoped.

I would love to have written on my memoir so that I was making progress as I set myself a March 1 end date for this draft. That will be my next blog post! As I put this post into the schedule to appear on Wednesday I am on my second of two trips in as many weeks. I am trying to write blog posts again on this trip as well as do my writing for school.

Tips for Writing While Traveling:

  • Make a list
  • Try to do short pieces so you can feel accomplished
  • Don’t beat yourself up for doing less
  • Have fun!

So we must always remember so that as long as we are creating and moving forward we should be proud and remember that the trip is important too or we wouldn’t be going on it!



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