written before my surgery of Oct 9, 2009

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so regardless of the genetic testing for the breast cancer gene–which also gives an estimate of ovarian cancer–I think I am doing both—I don’t want to go through this again–

I am having the mastectomy next friday. I have three Catholic congregations praying for me.  I am doing both—everyone says don’t pussy foot around this just full speed ahead—I have many things to do this week—stuff for school–I am teaching lit and creative writing , stuff to get out of the way for when I come home i.e. bills the piles by my bed and desk and  to spend time with my girls–told S,younger daughter —she is such a light! kept it simple for her.K knows more and will hopefully let me be alone in the bathroom for a while! S and I decided we need to get lots of hugs in this week–as well as me pushing her in the swing because these are two fun things that we won’t be able to do for awhile.
I am simply the 1 woman in 7 you hear about.

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