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I am thrilled to be putting into motion all the things I have been dreaming about for so long. This website, my new books, speaking engagements are all a part of the new path I am on or, indeed, My Story Right Now. I have a few more books in the pipeline, some of which are fiction and I am getting really excited to getting back to writing in a make believe world instead of my own life.
Please remember that I have a husband, family and dog which are my main focus so I may not be able to answer every single one. I am my own staff so at this point the one woman operation is in full swing!

– Angelique

New Release

Chemo, Cupcakes and Carpools

“You have Cancer.” When a parent hears those words, like anyone, they are scared. For a parent the question on the heels of “Will I die?” is “What about my kids?” This is the question that has been asked of Angelique L’Amour, time and again, since her own breast cancer diagnosis in 2009. Friends and acquaintances have asked how to navigate the coexisting worlds of cancer treatment and parenthood and this book answers that question. Cancer survivors all want to live and all want to keep their family life as normal as possible when faced with the staggering number of treatments, surgeries and tests. “Chemo, Cupcakes and Carpools” is a way to help parents deal with their lives and their kids through chemo and it’s aftermath. This volume is a nuts and bolts guide to help organize and understand what they might need during treatment to help keep themselves and their families running smoothly.
Chemo, Cupcakes and Carpools is now available for purchase as both an ebook and in paperback.

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