• Pre-tied Scarves
    Pre-tied scarves in all sorts of fabrics.
    These are really easy to deal with if you want the scarf look but have no idea how to tie one! Quick to take on and off – the ease of a hat with the look of a scarf!
    Nordstrom has a great tying video as well as adorable hats and scarves.
  • Tubular Headwear
    I slept in these as they were super soft but also didn’t move around on.
Personal Care Products
  • Moisturizer – super salve power repair
    The best moisturizer I have found. I discovered this in the low humidity of Colorado and used it up there. They also make a terrific moisturizer with SPF which I wear everyday. When I started chemo my skin went super dry. I used coconut oil for my body and my face but this is almost as good and not as oily.
    I have many products I use that I love but the super salve power repair is absolutely the best!
  • Check out for more info on personal care products and how to avoid chemicals for yourself and your family.
    My Complementary medicine doctor has a website and a book with lots of terrific information
    Where I head to get solid recipes – honestly every thing she creates is yummy and healthy. She is also a mom so she understands arriving home at 5 or 6 with everyone STARVING!

Speaking about Breast Cancer, Breast Health and Spirituality

Angelique is amazing in her unwavering support of actively bringing awareness of cancer (and early prevention) and raising funds to combat this disease. Personally, I couldn’t be more thankful for all the work she does. When I found out my mom and step-mom were both diagnosed with different forms of cancer in one week--she stopped everything she was doing- to reach out to doctors and cancer survivor patients to find my moms the best care possible. She made calls on their behalf, made introduction and got us the best of the best doctors in their field of expertise. Both have now beaten their respective forms of cancer within one year and I believe Angelique was a strong force in making that happen. Angelique went about all this in a calm and reassuring manner, as my life seemed to be falling apart. She shared her experiences, what to expect, and knowing she was there for my family (and so many others) was so reassuring. Angelique is truly an inspirational person and is helping save lives! Her presence in this world makes it a better place and it is an honor to call her a friend.

Erin Cornyn May 16, 2016