5 Tips for Shaking Up Your ReWrite World

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Are you working on a rewrite?

As I begin working in earnest on my next rewrite I have done a few things to set me on the right track. I wrote last week about my new enchantment with plottr. You can read about it HERE

This week I decided to let you in on 5 tips for shaking up your rewrite world that may just help you find a new way in.

Current setup = a work in progress


  1. Make your screen big. I like having my new and old drafts in front of me–that way I can copy and past large sections that work and also create a new document that has new content while keeping the old one. I try not to proof too much (grammer, spelling, punctuation) so that I can concentrate on the new changes being made and the new ideas being revealed. Proofing comes later.
  2. Don’t proof as you go. Proof at the end unless it is something like a character name change or voice change
  3. Use a larger font. I write and proof and rewrite in 18. It is easier on my eyes and it helps me move faster. Kind of like when you were beginning to read the books had large print. I don’t miss things, either.                                  
    4. Set a timer for your work time.
    The time is almost irrelevant. The timer is to get you started. Like going to the gym, once you get on the treadmill and dedicate 20 minutes you keep going. Same with your writing.                                                                                                     
  4. Print it out! Seeing it in print helps to solidify your story in your mind as you are actually holding a book. It also will give you tons of room to make notes which leads me to the bonus tip…                                                                                                                       
  5. BONUS TIP: DON’T USE RED INK! Unless you really like it. Many of us have ptsd from teachers marking all over our papers and tests with red pen. I know I am still frustrated by my 7th grade word problem test that came back with an enormous “D” written in red at the top. Use purple or green. ( I also will rewrite sections on my computer in a color other than black if it is an idea I am playing with so it sets it apart.)

Get to it. You can’t fix an empty page and you can’t publish if you don’t finish!

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