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1. overwhelming wonder, admiration, respect, or dread
2. archaic  power to inspire fear or reverence

Is there enough awe in your life? This month’s Oprah magazine has much in it about awe. One of the things that really interested me is that when confronted with the awe inspiring people see their place in the world as a part of something larger. People who are looking at a hallway, when asked to describe themselves with “I am” will say –I am part of a soccer team. I am a member of this club. When confronted with a t rex  they say I am a human being. I am part of God’s world. I am a member of the human race. We are led to benevolence when confronted with the awe inspiring. We help out each other on grand scales.

I went to  Yosemite with my husband and the girls. Talk about Awe inspiring. I have watched the two girls become more and more joined at the hip in the awe inspiring wilderness of Yosemite valley. We went on two short walks yesterday  –one about 2 miles and the other about 1 and 1/2 miles…then today went out for a 4 mile hike up to one of the many falls–the last mile was mostly straight up. S and Christopher led the hike and K hung back with me. I kept up for the most part —taking breaks as I needed but for only about 30 seconds here and there.  I was impressed with myself as since my last surgery I have not been able to work out consistently. I have photos to prove that we all made it up and back!

I hear Julia Roberts from “Eat Pray Love” saying something along the lines of “I just want to marvel at something.
Well, I have spent the past three days marveling at things around me. I have also decided a few things. First that I must find things to create awe in me and my family. I want the girls around awesome sites so they keep remembering they are part of the whole instead of thinking they are the whole. I like that idea of  something inspiring reverence. Second– that I must work out harder and harder so I am in terrific shape by next summer when we travel to high altitudes to hike. I want nothing holding me  back from anything we want to do.
Happy Weekend!


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