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writing inspiration

Writing inspiration comes from unexpected places.

Sometimes, weather, music, perfume will transport us to another place and time. Sometimes those same senses can help us in our writing. Those are terrific helpmates when we are expanding an idea. But what if you have no idea.(not my problem exactly–too many ideas too little time). However as I find ideas everywhere here is another suggestion for inspiration.


writing inspiration

Galleries or museums can be full to the brim of great ideas.

Even the architecture of the buildings themselves can be inspirational. I have found ideas in paintings that have given me a story to tell inspired by what I saw. Not necessarily the artist’s idea but what I saw in a piece.

We have a statue in our home.

The artist sent us an invitation to her showing and this piece was on it. One of my dreams is to go to Greece. In this piece I saw something different than she planned. I saw a woman, and this is the sentence that came into my head, “dancing for the glory of God.” It seemed a tribute from an ancient time. Here is a photo:

writing inspiration
If you want to learn more about the artist, Dey Young go here: https://galeriemichael.com/portfolio-items/dey-young-sky-is-falling/

Dey Young made this piece in late 2001 or early 2002. It is called,

Sky is Falling

It was her reaction, her expression in art of September 11, 2001.

Talk about different interpretations.

Go to a gallery. Go to a museum you have been to or never been to and let the art live in you. See what story you have to tell as a result.

Another source of inspiration–getting outside–here is a link to a very old blog post but still inspiring https://angeliquelamour.com/awe/

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