5 Tips: How to Survive Writing a Memoir

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5 Tips: How to Survive Writing a Memoir









I have been working on finishing a draft of my memoir.

It is a labor of love. And hate. And depression. And joy. And sorrow.

Dredging up the past demands much self control. It is easy to get lost in the past. I have to enter this world to write and I have to leave it behind when I am done. What was once my life is not my life any longer though the lessons are ones I will carry with me always.

Along with digging into lessons learned so that I may share them with readers I am also still a wife and mom.

5 TIps: How to Survive Writing a Memoir








My days have been a bit busy-


My husband had his hip replaced two weeks ago so all the driving has been on me–which is fine but does make my days fly by.

Daughters one and two are finishing up their school years. I am trying really hard to work on the memoir.

Here are my tips:

  1. Walk away occasionally. Don’t live in it. You already did that.
  2. Plan something fun for after writing so that when you get up from the desk you can’t dwell.
  3. Remember your first reason to write this was to help others.
  4. Be in gratitude daily. It helps you remember how far you have come so that you know what your current life is.
  5. If it is a hard passage to work on feel free to take a break.

Be brave, writer fearlessly but take care of yourself too.

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