A Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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A Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s time to both end and begin.

I love Christmas! Seems to be an inherited trait and while I know there were times in both my parent’s lives when Christmas might not have been perfect, each one they spent together and, therefore, with Beau and myself, was perfect. We try to do the same but this is not my mother’s perfection.

She is amazing. Her house is flawless while mine is…lived in…I do run around and put things away and straighten but this year I actually spent some of my Christmas funds on a new bedspread and rug for the front hall. We have lived here for 23 years and some times I wish we could hire a moving van and move everything into it and only the things we truly need would make it back in! My god-sis says you should have, at minimum,  a party every 4 months so you clean your house and organize at least once a season.

A most wonderful time of the  year

But what does that have to do with writing?

2018 was a year of getting to know myself better. I have gone back to paper organizers, I love writing things down and I have begun to journal with paper and pen again. My thoughts are flowing differently now. I also have found myself feeling more and more claustrophobic and fractured as I headed into this season. Not due to family but due to what I allow to pull me away from my writing. I realized that writing and writing daily is like respect. 

If I don’t respect my writing time no one else will either.

So from now until this time next year I am going to make sure I respect a few things on a daily basis:

Health, Writing, Family, Faith and Time

I refuse to be drawn in by one more, “learn how to do this and make money, become more productive and live a better life” webinar. I know how to be more productive and live a better life and it is by paying attention to what is written in bold above this paragraph. I feel like a life is like a deck of cards or a stack of 100 dollar bills, you only have so many moments to spend so choose wisely. If I am not with my family, working on my health, faith or writing then what exactly am I doing?

Let’s get organized and get cracking on a year of centeredness. My word of the year has been chosen and I will share it with you after the first so until then, spend some time with those you love and rejoice in one more moment together. 

Thank you for reading…I will be back in January unless something makes me jump to the keyboard and write a blog post!

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