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An Author’s BookShelf

Here is the first of my “what’s on my bookshelf” Series. 

The first part is also on Instagram but please read on for the rest of today’s bookshelf. I have no idea if I could ever do every shelf in my house, let alone my library but I will add to this series from time to time.

Phyllis A Whitney

I have loved since I was 10 or so. I have written before about finding “The Mystery of the Black Diamonds” in my school library.

I saw the book with its stone gray hardback cover with several black diamonds on the front bottom right. The paper cover was gone or had never been there. There was no description but as I began to read I discovered that she was writing about, well, me! A brother and sister go live in a ghost town with their dad while he writes a book. REALLY!

It is a fun book for Middle grade readers and it was my life. I quickly read everything I could find from her—the middle grade books and the adult level books. These three are on the shelf but perhaps my favorite of the adult ones is The Golden Unicorn which is not there. Spindrift is one of her best known and The Red Carnelian is one of her earliest. She wrote forever and passed away at over 100 I believe.


I read for the first time in high school. I believe this copy was bought when I was teaching 6th grade lit and working with beginning their Shakespeare  education—or perhaps for our oldest’s English Lit AP class. Not sure—love this play and wish I had gotten a chance to play Lady Macbeth. Shakespeare wrote terrific women! Also you are never never NEVER to mention the title of the play in a theatre it brings supreme bad luck. Lin Manuel Miranda skirted this issue very carefully in Hamilton! It is only to be referred to as “The Scottish Play” and any actor worth his salt won’t ever call it anything else to be safe.

Lord of the flies

—belongs to my oldest  —well read and studies. I read it once while she was reading it.

Mary Wollstonecraft’s book

is a classic and if you are studying that time period it is as excellent a resource as Thomas Paine. It is a chance to see inside the head of a woman in her time. Long before women’s rights were at the forefront of the news!

Girl at Sea

I haven’t read yet…

Project Two, to One, Be

is a book put together to raise money to save Undershaw which was Conan Doyle’s home. I have an essay in it.

So there you have it — a mixed bag to be sure but more to come.

An Author’s Bookshelf


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