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This past week I moved our oldest to NY.

It was a huge new world moving in that city and included a 5th floor walk up and 20 flights up on my tracker for the first day.


In amongst all that I did three interviews that posted

—two within the last 24 hours… So check out these appearances:

Come take a look:


Colleen Story and I met at DFWcon in June.

A terrific lady with a perfect name She interviewed me for her blog: writing and wellness


Jan Bowen and I did this interview a number of months ago for her terrific podcast so here is the link to that! A Conversation with Angelique L’Amour



Beau and I sticking together through sun and rain!

And if you want a three part (tech difficulties) interview with my brother and myself check out the facebook live we did last night : Louis L’Amour Facebook Page

I will be back to my regularly scheduled blogs next week!

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