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I was invited back to Craig and Scott’s podcast. It is called…Good Sentences–here is a link to that episode:

I have to admit I love being on their show. We talk about writing and craft and I learn something every time! I found myself asking them about their collaborative writing process as I am in the midst of reading the novel they wrote together. I cannot tell where one leaves off and the other begins. Sharing the link so you can check it out.

I am enjoying it, but I had just started reading it when covid 19 struck the house and I haven’t finished it yet. Something about this illness makes it hard to read and I am not the only one who feels that way. I started back with a book my editor suggested which is a middle grade book called Ghost and I think that is about the right speed for now. Our home is calm but full right now and the normal duties of a mom have been taking my time and energy. Along with some not normal duties of a mom which include filming our oldest’s self tapes for auditions the days are packed.

We moved our oldest out of nyc from afar. (no easy feet but then I have friends) and to state it absolutely clearly, I have a bff from kindergarten who is the one who saved the day. Everything arrives early next week and was packed up 24 hours after I asked her opinion about when to move her stuff!

So this week I am back to writing.

The graduation announcements have been ordered. The decorations are here. Our neighbors put up a sign honoring all the kids who are graduating this year. I feel I can breathe again.

Of course that meant I had a two day migraine…Back to hydrating and writing even if it is only this blog today.

Have a listen to the podcast to learn more and stay tuned they are asking me back!

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