Colorado Authors Hall of Fame

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Colorado Authors Hall of Fame

Last weekend I was honored to accept an award for my father.

Louis L’Amour was among the inaugural class for the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame. This will be an every other year event and each time will honor 12 authors. This year, to kick things off, they honored 21 authors, living and dead with a beautiful award and ceremony.

The gift of getting to be in the room with these accomplished authors and hear each one speak was unprecedented. They have authored anywhere from 1 to well over 100 books each and have much to share in the way of encouragement and knowledge of the process of writing.

The takeaway list:

  1. Write. Just write.
  2. Don’t throw anything away( from my family)
  3. Have fun along the way, both in life and in research.
  4. Write for the shear joy of writing.
  5. Appreciate those around you that make it possible.
  6. Help will come from the most unexpected places.

It was an honor to speak on my father and my family’s behalf. I look forward to reading new works by all the honorees and seeing who is in the next class of the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame.

Colorado Authors Hall of Fame

If you want to read more about the event and the mission of the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame head here: Many thanks to Judith Briles for including me in this event. She is an advisor, editor, author, and cheerleader for authors around the world through and And thank you to Mara Purl, an author I have known forever! She is a force of nature, writing, producing audio books and teaching around the world. She is the CEO of Milford Haven and her website is There are many others who created this standout event so please visit the website to learn more and about how you can be a part of it if you wish.

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