I Lost It!

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I Lost It!

How I organize my writing

I was traveling along at quite a clip with my work. When I had to stop for my chores I went to save and realized all the work I had done was in an old draft and not the new Jan 2019 draft! I had to copy and paste and then save and hope I got everything.

I am grateful for a large screen. I usually have two drafts up at the same time during a rewrite but this time I had three and a note or two. It got too busy.

I lost It!
I like the hands on approach though I use a white board and index cards with magnets.

If you have been following me for awhile you know I am doing a rewrite on a book I put aside a few years ago. If you are new here —Welcome!

I have a folder on my desktop for each book I am currently working on and one for projects yet to come. So after the above debacle I decided to created one new folder —now instead of Fremont Notes I also have Fremont ACTIVE which allows me to go into the draft I am working on plus the one I am working from. I don’t have to search anymore. By the way Fremont is a working title only.

Little things can be brilliant—why did I wait so long?

No idea.

I also decided that during travel I will write my blogs so that I am not traveling with my novels unless it is to Colorado where we stay awhile. This way I only will travel with my ancient ipad and it’s keyboard.

My advice is to always make a copy.

As I write this I am printing out my draft that will stay here in a safe place in hardcopy format until I return. No more searching for me!

I Lost It!
Check out Nessie in the background!

We are heading out to look at colleges for the youngest and so I am trying to pack as lightly as possible. We will be traveling by plane, train and automobile, just she and I. Can’t wait. Should I do a post on packing lightly? Can I even pack lightly?

(Side note—tall genetic history in my family means I am 5’10” wearing a 10 or 11 shoe—it is hard to pack clothing in a small suitcase when your clothes are long and your feet are big!—And that background? Scottish, English, Irish, French, (which also means some Viking in there) and Russian/Austrian. Tall and there was no way I was going to escape curly hair!)

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