Keep Writing!

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Will you keep writing?

Will you keep writing after NaNoWriMo?


The month flew by for me, and, while I had great intentions, I have to admit I got off track with my writing.

Even while I was encouraging you.

There was a fire. And I went into survival mode. Now I have to regroup and head into the new year with my writing plan intact. I am going to add to my list of 6 things to do today one piece of writing.

I am going to schedule it and be as specific as I can.

Are you needing encouragement as we end 2018 and begin 2019?

As I take a look back at this year, 

which went way too fast, I know that even though I haven’t yet hit all my writing goals I have hit some. And I also know I have done even more with my time than I thought I could!

Both of our girls are in a good place right now—they are happy with their educational choices and proud of their work and diligence. Which leaves me…time for me!

What kind of help, coaching, encouragement do you need for 2019?

Leave a message in the comments or email me if you wish. My email is my first name at Share with me your thoughts and dreams.

I would love to hear from you and maybe we can help each other because the idea behind all of this is to:

WIll you keep writing?

What to do next? Join my newsletter for writers here and follow me on social media for more tips. If you are looking to suss out your novel contact me here to set up a session: Here.

I am not planning on booking any more sessions until January but I would jump in and make an appointment because I am only making a handful of appointments available for new clients.

Happy Writing!

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