It’s NaNoWriMo: Are you at 25,000 words?

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NanoWriMo half way pointI am not at 25,000 words.

I am at 16,195 but not all of those have been written during NaNoWriMo.  This month I am working  a major rewrite, by which I mean, it is 70% new content and 30% old. As I do this overhaul I am importing some paragraphs/pages from the old draft. I did not formally join but am using NaNoWriMo to keep me moving. I see people’s posts about word counts and it encourages me. Kate Northrup is on a deadline right now and I follow her on instagram and she encourages me as well. Just get it done. When I finish this draft I will almost be starting again with rewrites with this one. I changed so much about the story. I have a new inciting incident, pov, lead character which switched from male to female, and event the impetus behind the villain changed this time around.

It almost sounds like a whole new book!

And I am taking Math. I am continuing on and when I get to Dec 17 I will have finished my first class back at college and be that much further along toward my degree.

My advice for NaNoWriMo or just those writing wthout being on a march toward 50k words in a month–just keep at it. Even if what you wrote today feels like crap it is still more than you had yesterday and, you know what I am going to say.

You can’t edit a blank page. Go for it.


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In my last newsletter I suggested looking at your basic premise.

Write it in one sentence 2-3 if you must and then just brainstorm and come up with all the possible scenes that could happen in that scenario. Write them on index cards. And when you are stuck. Write one of it put it in your book file on your computer and continue on.

I have written 6361 fresh new words. I haven’t written yet this weekend. And the book is sitting at 16,195 words right now. This week’s math class flummoxed me for quite a bit which dug into my writing time. But November has an extra week so 10,000 a week is doable.

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