#NaNoWriMo Anyone?

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#Nanowrimo Anyone?

Are you participating in #NaNoWriMo this year?

FYI: November is also known as National Novel Writing Month.

This is a time where authors all over the country (and possibly the world) strive to write a novel in 30 days. Many writers are working on first drafts during this time, but there are those of us who use that  group enthusiasm for writing daily to encourage us in our rewrites.

To get us all ready for #NaNoWriMo I have a series of posts I will publish over the next 6 weeks based on my latest newsletters. If you don’t already subscribe please do so here: My Newsletter for authors.

And if you already do subscribe there will still be some additional information, encouragement and the like, in these posts.


Also follow me on Instagram @angeliquelamourauthor to get the full affect of a writer trying to finish her draft in an even shorter time period due to the family arrivals for Thanksgiving. I will be posting there more often than my blog as I have to focus my efforts on working on my book!


author at work...ME!

I really didn’t think I was going to jump into #nanowrimo with both feet this year because I thought I would be further along.

Full Disclosure: I have trouble reentering my life after a trip.

I had three in a row. In between I had a computer wiz help me with my new setup as well as some doctor visits due to a fall.(I am fine but wanted to make sure). This is how it has gone over the past two months…

August 20 I left for back east to move our youngest into college (year two of covid college) got back August 26

September 19 We left for parents weekend, our anniversary and a visit to the oldest in Texas. Got back Oct 1

Oct 15 We went to a wedding and it was three days of celebration.

Each time I went I packed, unpacked, did the marketing, reoriented the dog and reset up my desk. A bit of computer adjustment had to occur and some home repairs.

#Preptober #nanowrimoMy desk is not this cute or this neat but we can all dream can’t we?


FINALLY i am here at my desk, dog at my feet. and I have no idea how to begin. Ok that isn’t entirely true I just wish I could jump back in where I was in August.

And I had a terrific idea for how to cause some grief early on in my story so I can’t wait to add that in.

I am back to the beginning to do that addition,  then rereading in order to move forward.

Want to join me? I want to finish my rewrite by Nov 19 when the youngest comes home–I have one month!

Let’s do this.

#Preptober here I come!!!



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