Plan your Character’s Funeral

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Plan Your Character's Funeral

Never doubt that real life can inspire you in your writing.

I love teaching my character creation workshops. I love creating characters. Even though I have the 25 questions available I also am adding to that list all the time for myself.

This week I came up with another exercise and I want to share it with you.

Senator JohnMcCain’s funeral was this past week. He knew it was inevitable and had taken the time to create his funeral himself. He chose speakers, singers, music, and readings. He chose well and made his funeral a statement by his choice in speakers!

What would your character choose?

Who would speak? What readings, Prayers or music would be a part of it? Who would be invited and who would not?If you character was speaking at a funeral of another character what would they say?

If one character were writing a eulogy for the other what would they say?

Did they like the person or was it their sworn enemy but they have to speak anyway? 

The possibilities are endless!

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