The Angel City Angels

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The Angel City Angels









A bit about my Angel City Angels and book research central also known as Facebook.

I have been stuck. Really stuck in my writing. I have avoided, I have organized. I have read books, started a new college class and created a character family tree. I have not actually written.

Yep that’s right. Not really anything of value has come from my keyboard in about a month. I have been working, but not writing.

I realized that the good and wise agents I spoke with in Dallas had stumped me. What is the way in when you need to make a book contemporary, but don’t want the internet?

I was told to set it earlier. I was told to set it later. Honestly, I kinda wanted to set it in the yard and tell it to go play by itself for a bit.

Then today, in talking to my husband for about 2 minutes, I realized what I needed.

I needed my Baker Street Irregulars.

I needed a group of 12 year old(11-14) ish girls to interview. They could answer my questions and give me the guidance I needed to move the story.

My Angel City Angels


I went on facebook and made a request for some book research assistants.


I referred to it as a research emergency.

Within 3 hours I had offers of conversations with 8 or 9 girls in the next few weeks. I started tonight with twin sisters Megan and Morgan who are 14 and helped me so very much. These two were neighbors of a woman I am fb friends with and have never met in person. Her neighbors! I can’t wait to meet with the rest of them.

Facebook and FaceTime and the courage to ask a question.

Help is always there to those who ask.

My Angel City Angels












Just remember that when you are stumped the way out is always to ask a question. (That was good wasn’t it?)

Now I Just have to ask the questions of this amazing group of helpful girls. I am so blessed. I am also now recharged.

If you are questioning my title–Raymond Chandler referred to LA as the City of the Angels and the Baker Street Irregulars? They were Sherlock Holmes assistants, spies and the like –a group of street kids in 19th century London.

My Angel City Angels

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