That Covid Quarantine Feeling

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I wanted to just put up my blog about what it was like going through Covid during Quarantine and being wife and mom in my house. But I realized something. My blog about it is disjointed and I have no energy to rewrite it.

I will publish it.

After this one, I will, but I wanted to explain its very different format. I wrote it as I was sick with coronavirus and under quarantine, and undiagnosed, and then diagnosed. I rewrote some of it for clarity. I included an email I wrote to a friend when I was frustrated with the prejudice about being tested and about having a positive diagnosis. I remember the 80’s and I remember the stigma of AIDS. I remember people fearing people due to something they didn’t understand. I get that I am in a place of advantage. I no longer have to fear my immediate family getting Covid because we have had it. We are recovered. The girls are fine and my husband and I are much better. Still tired somedays, and still coughing, but not as much. But the fear is not over. My brother and my mother are still well, and god willing, will stay that way.

I remember becoming dear friends with a wonderful artist and I remember making sure that I always hugged him when I saw him. He was diagnosed with HIV in 1983 and passed away after over 30 years of antivirals and being on the front lines. He was a miracle. I met him in 89 and the fear was still strong then, but we knew it couldn’t pass from a hug.

This illness can.

So I beg of you, my readers, please, even if your governor doesn’t make it mandatory to stay home, do it as much as possible. Wear a mask. Look at NY and LA and see how they are coping. The life you save may be your own or that of a perfect stranger.

Keep your mind straight. If you are alone during this time reach out with phone and facetime and do the same if you know someone who is alone. Stay positive, look for a patch of sky and breathe and remember This too shall pass.

If you want to read my next blog please do. Just be aware it may not be up to my usual standards. This virus affects your brain too. It makes you foggy, lose your sense of smell and taste and makes you extremely tired. I think there is value in knowing what it is like so I leave it warts and all.


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  1. Les Freeman
    | Reply

    Thank you Angelique, Was worrying about your progress. Safe recovery to you all from Down here.

    • Angelique L’Amour
      | Reply

      Thank you Les!
      We are glad to be mending!

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