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Do you understand the idea of voice in writing? I am still learning. I believe I understand the idea of an author’s voice being distinct but I also think it would always be flavored by the characters one is writing about. 

I do recognize voice when I see it.

The way I recognize a band or a piece of classical music written by a certain composer. And I even have recognized the use of voice in a twitter account.


Yes it is @dog_feelings aka Thoughts of Dog.

I have been following Thoughts of Dog for about a year. Quite honestly when you need a respite from the vitriol or worry that is spread in social media Thoughts of Dog is the place to go. It is humorous. It is sweet and kind and if you have ever had a dog you recognize the voice.

The perfect dog thought


There I said it.

Thoughts of Dog has a distinct voice and it never falters.

The young man who started it is brilliant at staying in character. Again another use for my acting training in my writing.

Staying in character and staying true to your character and their voice is vital.

Remember that idea of a character only doing what is in his best interest?


Well thoughts of dog has that covered.

(And so does my dog—-he wants something doesn’t he?) And if you need a lesson in unconditional love just go spend some time reading this twitter feed. It will warm your heart.


Please join Twitter if only for @dog_feelings (and for following me @LAmourAngelique!) it will brighten your day and help you understand voice.



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